Hi there ,

in this post I’ll send updates about my WIP for the 3d art challange “Survival Car” by Hum3d . Feel free to comment or post suggestions.

Here you can check the final image https://hum3d.com/challenges/mercury/


07/13 Update – Now this model is available for purchase on cgtrader platform.

The Concept

this concept starts from the idea of creating a lightweight car that is adapted to different types of terrains. The car as I thought it has only one purpose to bring messages, it is a car for messengers of post-apocalyptic times capable of covering short and medium distances in a short time at high speeds on dirt and asphalt. Initially I thought as a basis to use a muscle car but it would come out of a concept too similar madmax, although any concept of survival car anyway would remember … with the idea of creating something original I decided to start as a base from a indy car of the ’60s and give it a post-apocalyptic mood by adding chains, camouflage sheets, spikes, double wheels and modified suspensions to face the tough times and survive.



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