Creating dust and smoke effects realtime

Hi there to continue the Steam walkers crowds sim I decided to share my workflow and improvements using the Golaem simulation inside Unreal.

After setting-up the environment and installation … yess! To make this transition smoothly I suggest you to take a look at the Golaem docs >> Install Golaem into Unreal to bring the cache inside Unreal you need to install the plugin .

Then thanks to my friend, the brilliant Stefano Coratti , I figured out how to access bones component using blueprint . By calculating on each frame ( actually on a less interval of time , here we talk about relatime 😛 ) the distance between the feet and terrain I could make the dust particles happen only when the foot is in contact with the terrain . The Blueprint node in question is the >> GetBoneByName you can get location or rotation and use it to attach objects Unreal objects effects etc… I did the same to attach the smokes on the chimney …but I know that for make that more realistic I need more time to work with 🙂 .

how the blueprint looks like

So far after tweaking a bit also with layout , Oh yes you could edit Golaem layout inside Unreal !! That’s a great advantage to work with this workflow ! 😀 … here the result that I sent to partecipate at the Golaem Academy 2.0 . Keep in mind that this the direct output from Unreal Engine without any post-production.

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