In this post I’ll love to share a tool I developed for a freelance job that I did . How many time did you build ropes using curves and all the time edit the curves due the curve do not adapt properly to the model? In my case a lot of time … and due I should reproduce a replica of Christo’s Wrapped Vespa I need to tweak alot with ropes, so by searching on internet I found some great reference and techniques , the most interesting was the one used from @simonhoudini5074 on YT , and for that I decided to develop that tool starting from his version, but I edited all the part to optimizing model , because in my case do not work properly.

For get the right shape and intersection of the model I figured out the best way was to convert the mesh to vdb and than again to mesh to a more dense mesh and also more ‘wrapped’ , that on my side works better because I have some complexity on the object that need to be simplified to have the job done right.

So the tool take as input a 3d model and an object to intersect with , the result of the intersections of this 2 objects will be the base to create the rope , creating a more believable shape.

Here the final result.

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