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Fiat Usa launch Fiat Godzilla advertising

Fiat 500L vs. Godzilla, USA spot. Change theme of the Turin for its compact MPV, in the version Trekking in this case, in full U.S. launch. The video that you can see below is quite eloquent. Godzilla is back in town, but it is to hunt, only with great voracity of Fiat.

Even the monster of course, like many Americans, like to eat Italian. And after a couple of 500 sedan, Godzilla pointing a Fiat 500L Trekking, who manages to snatch with ease. And gobbles up like it was candy. But there is a problem of digestion, Godzilla spits prey. “The four-door Fiat 500L it’s a lot bigger than you think.” A clear homage to the habitability of the internal model.

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