Unreal demo

Golaem Unreal demo

Creating dust and smoke effects realtime Hi there to continue the Steam walkers crowds sim I decided to share my workflow and improvements using the Golaem simulation inside Unreal. After setting-up the environment and installation … yess! To make this transition smoothly I suggest you to take a look at Read more…

Testing Substance Painter

Hi there, usually for modeling and painting 3d asset I’m gonna use Auotdesk Mudbox or 3dCoat , but for my curiosity after different comments from my colleagues I dedice to try Substance Painter … and wow!  The result are really promising! Substance Painter is a GPU based  software for painting Read more…

celebrating video 1k followers on Instagram – inflating fx with Maya


Hi there,

today I want to share just some tips about creating inflating simulation using Ncloth in Maya.

In the video shown before I created a 3d Text Type , and after adding some tessellation for have more deformations I just select the model and I added NCloth to the object… for have the inflating fx I just animate the pressure parameter with negative value , otherwise it looks like a baloon that must to explode …. 😀


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