Making of Game Of Thrones VFX by Pixomondo

IT’S ART gives a behind the scenes peek at Game of Thrones Season 3 in an interview with Pixomondo VFX Supervisor Sven Martin.

Still looking for inspiration for our new exciting challenge based on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’? We’ve the chance to interview Pixomondo VFX Supervisor, Sven Martin, about the VFX made for Game of Thrones Season 3, focusing on the making of the dragons. A perfect way to start a creative day!

IA: Pixomondo is working since the first season on the VFX of Game Of Thrones TV Show. Could you speak about the evolution of the work you’ve done for the series since 2 years?

SM: With the knowledge of the second season we could start right away with facing the new challenges. The dragons where not just bigger copies of the previous season, actually we had to build them from scratch spending a huge amount of time into design and developing the new features. This time the camera was also much closer to the dragons, so we had to go much more into detail. The jaw e.g. had a special mechanic which could hide in ‘normal’ position and slide out and extend when Dragon goes into threatening mode. The complete inner mouth section had to be very precise with tongue, glands (for fire breathing) and dangerous teeth covered in saliva with the camera facing right at it.


Wine glass breaking and fluids with Pulldownit

Tutorial by Jordi Alavedra.

I started this project with the aim of testing how Pulldownit behaves along with Cg fluids, and also as a practice in the use of Pulldownit plugin which was pretty new to me. I decided to make a 3 glasses shot for being more genuine than the usual “wineglass breaking” . Besides looking at the web I hardly found any good test of Pulldownit and fluids, so I was a little scary about doing it, but I have to say it was much easier than expected.

PDi counts with several patterns to shatter the models, fist I did was testing them, I started using “local” shatter style, because of the easy of setting the exact impact point, however I discarded it later because the fragments generated looked more like egg-shell than broken glass, using “radial” style in around 200 fragments each glass and I got a high realistic look, I found out that I had only to adjust the pivot of the model to make cracks matching the impact point with the ball so it was perfect. However I needed the neck of the glasses to remain as one single piece so finally I splitted the glass in 2 parts using “Uniform” style before applying radial shattering.



TD / rigging reel   Woman rigged  also available on >>> AS_populate (Mayascript) tool for  placing assets on a specific surface (pure Python). Arab man rigged (rig with Ncloth simulation) Ferrari California rig test Magazine rig test 3d Character Animations – final project @ AW (dk)  Animation short – Clipperville

Foolfeel Illustration of the week #2

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Inspired by the title – scientist have created alien dna –  …and of course from the European elections fuss. Also the female creature with advanced dna, inspired by mister Hieronymus Bosch and his prince of hell Read more…

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