How to build and install pyqt5 on Maya 2019 (WIN)

This post is an update about this great post : Written by Cyrille Fauvel – Autodesk Developer Network (April 2013)  Updated by Lanh Hong and Chengxi Li – Autodesk Developer Network (January 2019)    Setting up your environment: Follow the official instruction to prepare your Environment > Autodesk Developer Read more…

celebrating video 1k followers on Instagram – inflating fx with Maya


Hi there,

today I want to share just some tips about creating inflating simulation using Ncloth in Maya.

In the video shown before I created a 3d Text Type , and after adding some tessellation for have more deformations I just select the model and I added NCloth to the object… for have the inflating fx I just animate the pressure parameter with negative value , otherwise it looks like a baloon that must to explode …. 😀