Hi there, due I’m closing this shot for the Golaem Academy 2 , I wish to share a little breakdown of the work involved on this shot .

Steam walker’s rig (Maya) .

The rig – I created a really simple rig to create some animation cycles like stand , stand to walk, walk and walk to stand .

Than I created the gcha and I’m focusing on add diversity in terms of geometries and shaders, this character have 14 shaders with 3 variations all done using Maya / Substance Painter , plus I added some geometries variations for the weapons and the cables . For taking control of the diversity through the layout I create various shaders attribute to have the ability to edits after simulation, and I created also different rendertypes to controls the random placement and edits also in layout with few clicks.

For make soldiers and the pilot of the Steam Walker I used a Mixamo characters that I edited to add weapon and again to add a little bit of diversity on the shaders .

Finally I started to work on simulation and behaviour making the Walkers emits pilot in the seat using specific offset , due the walking of the walkers have a lot of fast up and down I simulate with an high substep level to avoids big jumps on the characters.

After some fine tuning with layouts tool that so far a good wip I rendered out, but I need to adding additional FX like dust for the foot steps and smoke for the steam engine .

Hope you enjoyed!


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