Sci-fi Girl character

Here same preview of sci-fi girl character that I did for a project some years ago … The characters was modeled and rigged using Autodesk Maya , Mudbox and rendered with Vray. Hope that you like it! 😉 The Rig have also custom controls to manage hair simulation, IK-FK switch and Read more…

Computer Graphics – men that changes the technology

Pierre BĂ©zier and his curves

The mathematical basis for BĂ©zier curves—the Bernstein polynomial—had been known since 1912, but the polynomials were not applied to graphics until some 50 years later, when they were widely publicised by the French engineer Pierre BĂ©zier, who used them to design automobile bodies at Renault. The study of these curves was however first developed in 1959 by mathematician Paul de Casteljau using de Casteljau’s algorithm, a numerically stable method to evaluate BĂ©zier curves at CitroĂ«n, another French automaker.


AS Clean materials – FREE maxscript

Simple script that reset all the object’s material to Standard material and reset also the Materials Editor window. USAGE: just drag the .ms script to the 3dsmax view. If you have suggestions or feautures to add don’t esitate to contact me! Enjoy

Mobil1 Tooned by Framestore

After Mclaren Tooned Framestore go on with the new season renamed  Mobil1 Tooned . TOONED presents Mobil 1 – Oil: An Odyssey is here, along with part one of this exclusive, behind the scenes look at the making of the series. TOONED creators as they delve into what it takes to create Read more…