Pixar Computer Animated short film The Blue Umbrella Story Reel (Animatics), Directed by Saschka Unseld of Pixar’s technical department. showcase new techniques in photorealistic lighting, shading, and compositing of Pixar.

An early 2012 iteration of our Story Reels
After refining the Beat Boards until we are happy and pitching them to Pete Docter and John Lasseter we started to flesh them out, edit them together, add sound design and music and created our very first story reels.

These we then screen to not just our crew and Pete and John but to story folks and others that ideally haven’t heard the story yet and thus have a fresh eye. We then adjust and change these reels, screen them again and again and again. My rough guess is that we probably had et least around 20-30 iterations of these.

What previously had just been words now become visuals and sounds without any words.

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