I saw some post here and there that talk about by HEVC (h265), most of the decoder are free …but not for encoder ….really bad !

So after some search I decide to use a command line encoding software that is FFMPEG , is an opensource software that is the ‘basement’ of vlc .

SO what you need to do (on Windows) is just to install FFMPEG on your computer , launch the command propt windows as administrator and launch the following lines:

ffmpeg -i “C:\Users\Username\Documents\YourSourceFolder\IMG_0000.MOV” -c:a copy -c:v libx264  “C:\Users\Username\Documents\YourDestinationFolder\0000.mp4”


I used this lines of code for convert IphoneX video and import it in older version of AdobeCC. In this way FFmpeg copy the audio codec as the source file and convert the video to h264, you can specify more options about bitrate resolution etc… take a look at the ffmpeg documentation.

Hope that this post can help who have the same problem.

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