The graphic representation of three-dimensional maps many times can be an obstacle, below I illustrate broadly what are the techniques that I have used.

– grabbing map from scanned map or digital editing (Photoshop) . I create diffuse color map and normal map with a resolution of 5000 x 5000 pixel.

– trace the outlines of countries or regions (NURBS curves) or get vector file with outlines.

– create polygonal planar surfaces from curves.

– adding planar UV projection and load material with textures that I did.

–  Extrude and create relief based on relief map.

that’s the result

02-1024x576 08-1024x576 09-1024x576 13-1024x576 021-1024x576 071-1024x576 081-1024x576




Soon I’ll add more European Countries and I’ll create a collection that contains all Europe with 5k maps for country!!

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