Merry Xmas

I wish a merry Xmas and the best for the 2018!

happy holydays,


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Maya – Create a glass using curves and revolve

In the video below  I show you how to create a Glass using curves and Surface > Revolve Command.

But for make some steps much clear I’ll show you some details and setting to create this glass.


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3d Scan test using 3dSystem Sense

This is a test that I did in classroom to show how Sense 3d scanner works, and I’m suprised to see how it work with low lighting enviorement… The result was pretty nice! 🙂

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Computer Graphics – men that changes the technology

Pierre Bézier and his curves

The mathematical basis for Bézier curves—the Bernstein polynomial—had been known since 1912, but the polynomials were not applied to graphics until some 50 years later, when they were widely publicised by the French engineer Pierre Bézier, who used them to design automobile bodies at Renault. The study of these curves was however first developed in 1959 by mathematician Paul de Casteljau using de Casteljau’s algorithm, a numerically stable method to evaluate Bézier curves at Citroën, another French automaker.

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Face Detection and tracking using OpenCV & Unity

This is just a test using OpenCv library by creating a custom library to expose C++ method to C# and using on Unity 3d.
In this example I using a Face Detection techniques to retrive face postion and pass it to Unity GameObject.

Next step will be detect head pose and tracking postion and orientation and also detect facial expressions.

I’ll keep working on and post some updates, hope that you find interesting.


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Unity3d VFX particles test

That’s a test that I did using Unity3d particles system to create a “magic ball” with mouse tracking , “portal aurea” and other vfx .

If you are proficent with other particles system like After Effects or other 3d software package you’ll see that is simple to create nice vfx in terms of minutes .




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Book Rig updated

Hi there,
I want to share some update about that book rigged for Maya , now include animated file and Arnold render configuration for Maya 2017.

here the rig overview and animation sample:

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3d Sculpting – Human head test #1

Hi there ,

I want to share this modeling test that I did using in combo Maya / Mudbox .

Hope that you like it!



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LumberJack Rig – a game rig using Maya’s HumanIk system

As 3d Artist mainly focused on animation processes , when I start to work with Unity 3d and realtime engine , the first thing that I ask my self was : how I can import my 3d animated assets and rigs?!

First of all we must to analize a generic games animation workflow.

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Making of DNA strand with Maya and Mudbox

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Hi there,  today I want to share some of the steps to do a CGI dna strand . First of all searching for references is the first step to start with any 3d model creation , much more references you … Continue reading

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