LumberJack Rig – a game rig using Maya’s HumanIk system

As 3d Artist mainly focused on animation processes , when I start to work with Unity 3d and realtime engine , the first thing that I ask my self was : how I can import my 3d animated assets and rigs?!

First of all we must to analize a generic games animation workflow.

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Making of DNA strand with Maya and Mudbox

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Hi there,  today I want to share some of the steps to do a CGI dna strand . First of all searching for references is the first step to start with any 3d model creation , much more references you … Continue reading

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Human Skeleton hi-res

This gallery contains 9 photos.

  I did this 3d model using Mudbox and Maya . With Maya I did a lowpoly geometry and UV mapping , then I sent to Mudbox and I sculpt details and I paint to texture all the bones and … Continue reading

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AS lowRez series – a 3d printable collection

This gallery contains 6 photos.

                                                    AS LowRez Series Want to share this new creation adopting different techniques to generate … Continue reading

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Lowpoly Xmas elements

This gallery contains 8 photos.

This 3d model are great for xmas implementation on your low-poly project, your games or your app. Available formats : Unity3d package / Maya / 3dsMax / Obj / Fbx   CHECK IT OUT!  

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3d maps with relief for motion graphics

This gallery contains 15 photos.

The graphic representation of three-dimensional maps many times can be an obstacle, below I illustrate broadly what are the techniques that I have used. – grabbing map from scanned map or digital editing (Photoshop) . I create diffuse color map … Continue reading

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Vray IOR – Index Of Refractions Values

Hi there,

I want to share this list , I think that helps a lot when tried to found right reflections/refractions on Vray materials.

A lot of 3d applications these days allow you to input actual IOR values in order to achieve a more accurate representation of surfaces during rendering of your 3d models.

The fresnel IOR and IOR are actually linked in V-ray  because this is how the materials work in real life. It means that if a material has an IOR of 3 then so is its fresnel IOR as well.


Material IOR Values:

Acetone 1.36
Actinolite 1.618
Agalmatoite 1.550 Continue reading

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AS Wireframeit! script tool for Maya

Hi there,

I want to share with you a script tool that I’m working on , it still in beta version but soon I’ll release a clean version .

Mainly I did this script to help 3d artists to visualize and render wireframe as object , so what it does is to rebuild the selected object and recreate a wireframe based on NURBS surface.

Comments and suggestions are really appreciated.


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Earth 3d model for motiongraphics

Simple Earth 3d model mainly designed for motion graphics and animation.

Static 3d model // available formats : OBJ / FBX / Maya / 3dsMax

Animated 3d model with unfold FX // available formats: FBX / Maya / 3dsMax


available on:

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Maya adding a messagebox when file was opened

Hi there,

just want to share the following code to create a welcome message when your files was opened. msg_box

string $mel = “confirmDialog -m \”You’ve loaded the scene!\”;evalDeferred(\”OutlinerWindow\”)”;
string $SN = `scriptNode -scriptType 2 -bs $mel`;
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